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Dustin Bray began his career working in the telecommunication industry over 15 years ago. He was able to work with some of the industries best, from pipe layers, Foreman to machine operators and ultimately estimators and managers. Dustin was lucky enough to have great mentors around early in his career. Brayco Excavation was started in 2015 and has focused on building long lasting relationships, while providing the best product possible. We believe through hard work and dedication to our existing clientele, BRAYCO will be able to greatly expand its services and customer base.


Brayco is committed to a safe work environment. We work very hard to insure everyone on our work sites go home to their families without incident. We are committed to working in accordance with Work Safe procedures and have a well-established occupational health and safety handbook. At the start of each day, we collectively go over potential hazards and best work procedures to minimize uncertainty about how things will progress during the day. At Brayco we welcome questions or concerns from anyone on site that feels uncomfortable about safe work. We encourage everyone to work as a team and to watch out for one another.

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If your playground or lawned sports areas have dark spots, are hard to maintain, or appear dull, using artificial turf could be an easy way to solve the challenges.


Landscaping can be an overwhelming task. With Brayco Excavation, your landscaping requirement is met and fulfilled accordingly and professionally by us.


Our professionals work hard to see your vision come through in every project. We at Brayco aim to do the best hardscaping job yet helping you to save money.


Brayco Excavation constructs cost-effective, high quality projects with an experienced team of professionals for construction and excavation projects on time with dependability and integrity.

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Brayco Excavation proudly serves Surrey and surrounding areas as the leading dealer and installer of high-quality artificial grass for many years.

From lush putting greens to improve your short game, to our residential artificial turf that takes realism to a new level, Brayco Excavation has the solution to your waterless, low-maintenance, landscape needs. 

Please have a look around the website and you will be pleasantly surprised at the uniqueness and unmatched quality that goes into our various artificial turf installations, residential and commercial projects, and other services.

Only Brayco Excavation offers you unmatched standards founded on a proprietary technology platform that ensures quality of our artificial turf from the ground up. 

With us, the possibilities are endless. Brayco Excavation  isn’t just all about artificial turf, it is a commitment to professionalism, expertise, integrity, and honesty in business and a desire to make you glad you chose us. At Brayco Excavation, we’re not just a business, We are leaders, and aim to provide only world-class services.


With water conservation restrictions and the continuous battle to maintain magnificent, attractive, and lush functional grass spaces, Brayco Excavation’s artificial turf is the ultimate problem solving product.


Building a garden or yard landscape can be a daunting task. Whether you have been considering making changes to your existing garden, or this is your first time in need of landscaping, Brayco Excavation is here to get the job done.


When it comes to creating a garden, it is very easy to focus only on the plants that you completely forget about everything else. A fully nice garden also includes hardscaping, and it is a part of it that you need to consider.


In every  landscaping work, demolition, or construction, there are in fact differing levels of excavation that need to be done. Our competent and reliable landscaping professionals can handle the work for you and ensure you achieve the results you want.