With the need for high-quality artificial turf on the rise, we are frequently asked, “Who is the best company that supplies artificial turf in Langley?” The rivalry in this industry is fierce and more firms are springing up all over the country. However, are you willing to risk your hard-earned money on installers with little or no experience? So, before signing on the dotted line, our team at Brayco Excavation has provided you with some things to consider when choosing the best company that supplies artificial turf.

Artificial Turf

Find an Artificial Turf Supplier That You Can Trust

Check their years in operation. What are their Google and Facebook reviews like? Do they give free consultations, estimates, and sample packs? How well-versed are their installers on the latest technology? A reputable landscaping firm will be pleased to answer these questions when you’re looking for a business to install artificial grass in your garden or outdoor area.

Check the Quality of the Artificial Turf

How do you know which fake grass material is best for your property when so many are on the market? Artificial turf installers are happy to supply you with free samples and to talk you through the various options they have available. Take your time and ask questions to understand the situation.

Ensure Pricing and Company Details Are Transparent

Suppose you’re looking for an artificial turf Langley installer you can trust. In that case, they’ll provide you with their credentials upfront and be entirely open about their cost. A written quotation must be provided to you, outlining what is included and not. The estimated installation date will be provided at the time of your initial quotation. Our team at Brayco has nothing to conceal! We thrive on client referrals and recommendations, and we are entirely dedicated to your satisfaction.

Inquire If Full-Service Installation Is Available

Is the company you hired to install artificial grass capable of handling all project parts, from ground preparation to waste disposal? To make your synthetic grass last, you’ll need a suitable sub-base aggregate and two layers of weed membrane. What do they use to hold your artificial grass? Is it power brushed after installation? Synthetic turf can be laid on surfaces other than concrete or decking.

Obtain Quotes and Compare Them

If you’ve gotten estimates from at least two or three local companies that can install fake grass, take the time to compare them. It’s safe to assume that if a company charges significantly less than its competitors, they’re slashing expenses somewhere, whether in product quality or the installation experience.

That’s it! We hope our tips helped you choose the best company to supplyartificial turf and avoid the industry’s pitfalls. Brayco Excavation is always available to talk about landscaping projects with new clients. Because we’re a team of expert installers, you’ll often find us supplying artificial turf in Langley and the nearby areas. Our goal is to change your landscapes one at a time into beautiful green gardens, and we look forward to helping you in this endeavor. For a free estimate, please get in touch with us today.