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Artificial Turf In Langley

In many households, there are many routine tasks that we need to deal with everyday. Some of these tasks are so mundane that they can become increasingly tiresome as time goes by. One such task is the necessity for every household to maintain their lawn. If  mowing your front and backyard has become tiresome, then consider hiring the professional installation services for artificial turf in Langley on your home. 

Many homeowners are so occupied with other things besides taking care of everything in their household. A pristine lawn is great, but the recurring costs and upkeep of maintaining a lawn can take up so much time. If you are someone who has this sentiment, then one of your best alternatives is to replace your current yard grass with artificial turf.

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There are many reasons why it is much better to opt for the synthetic variety. Our artificial turf in Langley has the benefits of replacing your yard grass with an artificial one. For the most part, artificial turf is mainly used for venues that host sports events. But the synthetic type is not just for such an application because it is also now commonly used for your home; particularly for yards, gardens and patios. But why would you want to opt for synthetic grass? 

The top reason why many homeowners prefer this type of lawn is that it eliminates the tedium of grass maintenance jobs. This would indicate that you don't have to spend more time mowing, watering as well as using fertilizers and insecticide on your house grass.

Just imagine all the time and energy that you normally devote on maintaining your house lawn. But that is not to say that there is no need to maintain an artificial grass but the frequency is definitely low compared to a real one. In addition, the maintenance work is a lot easier with artificial turf

A synthetic grass is definitely a great choice for people who don't want to bother with the tedium of tending real grasses. 

Brayco Excavation specializes in enhancing lawns of the synthetic variety. Simply call us for estimates and you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Artificial turf poses no burden on our water supply because they never have to be watered. It is also strong enough to withstand known harsh weather elements brought by the heat, wind, ice, and snow. With Brayco Excavation, our commercial artificial turf service has everything your commercial property needs. 


One of the most important advantages of using commercial artificial turf is the time saved on weekly maintenance. The only maintenance these lawns require is an occasional cleaning to keep the fibers standing up. 

Leaf blowers work well when removing leaves or other debris. If you have pets, the urine drains into the perforated holes in the lawn backing, but it's a good idea to hose it down every now and then. The life expectancy is 15-35 years depending on the use. Installation If you're installing artificial turf over an existing lawn, the original sod must first be removed. 

Next, a landscape fabric is spread out to act as a weed barrier. A layer of crushed rock is packed down into the soil, and leveled, and a base of fine sand is then spread over the crushed rock. The new lawn is ready to spread out, with a blend of rubber crumb and sand spread over top to fill in the gaps. 

The lawns with artificial turf  come with various lengths and styles of grass including thatched and infilled grasses. Your new lawn is ready to be edged with natural stone, log edging or other border materials. The lawn can be secured with landscaping nails if you do not want edging on it. 

Cost of Artificial Turf 

The approximate cost may vary, so please call us for free quotes.  Commercial properties considerably use more than grass seed or sod, but many feel the money saved on chemicals, fertilizers, watering and the time saved on maintenance makes it worthwhile.

Brayco Excavation has been serving Langley and its neighboring areas for many years. Why choose us?





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Brayco Excavation has been serving Langley and its neighboring areas for many years. Why choose us?

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