The vast majority of plumbing difficulties can be resolved without the need for excavation. Plumbing excavation, on the other hand, is sometimes unavoidable in certain instances.


Plumbing excavation is the process of digging up the soil with high-pressure water in order to expose a pipeline that is hidden beneath the surface. A debris tank is used to collect the dirt that has been cleaned from the pipeline by the pressurized water system. Using this process, trash and obstructions are effectively removed from the plumbing system, and the clog in the plumbing system is completely removed.

If you require excavation in Surrey services, here are three signs:

Poor Soil Condition

It is possible for sewage line difficulties to be caused only by the state of the soil. The shifting of the soil can be caused by climate change. Damage to the sewage line can occur when the soil changes, which can happen in freeze-thaw situations. It is quite likely that the line would crack and collapse, and no-dig procedures will not be able to repair the damage. Another element that can influence whether a drain excavation is required is the state of your soil. Poor soil conditions can cause the sewer line to shift. This necessitates the excavation of the pipelines for repair. Plumbing specialists will be unable to fix your drains utilizing no-dig methods if the soil in your yard is in poor condition.

Pipes that are over 100 years old

Sewer lines can be constructed from a variety of materials, including metal, concrete, plastic, and clay, among others. Pipelines age and corrode over time as a result of exposure to the elements. You may need to have a plumbing excavation done if your sewage lines are over a hundred years old. Plumbers will examine the general condition of your pipes and solve the underlying causes of your plumbing difficulties.

The Roots of a Tree

Trees on or near your home have the potential to infiltrate the sewer system and cause serious difficulties. When tree roots penetrate the sewage system, it is possible that they will cause damage to your drains. With no-dig methods, it will be quite difficult to eliminate the encumbrance from the road. As a result, plumbing excavation will be required in order to effectively remove the waste. The stealthy destruction of property by tree roots has been demonstrated to be disastrous. Root intrusion is another prevalent issue with drain systems, and it is the major cause of the blockage. Roots gather water and moisture from drains, causing them to clog and frequently causing cracking and dislodgement of underground pipes.

Brayco Excavation understands how inconvenient drain excavation may be. Before proceeding with drain excavation, we investigate all drainage system rehabilitation possibilities. Drain excavation is not always required, and professional plumbers are equipped with the appropriate tools and procedures to repair your system without the need for excavation. When we are approached regarding probable drainage or sewage line problems, our expert specialists analyze the source of the problem.

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