Who wouldn’t want fresh green yard grass with no brown stains or imperfections in your lawn? However, it comes at a high cost—weekends spent fertilizing, mowing, and watering. If you want to spend more time with your family and enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about your lawn, consider investing in artificial turf Maple Ridge.

Here are a few reasons why artificial turf is a game-changer in your Maple Ridge homes:

artificial turf


One evident advantage of the synthetic turf that we offer at Artificial Turf Maple Ridge is its long-term value and economic effectiveness. While it may appear to be a cost at first, it is an investment that may add years to the value of your property. When the grass and installation cost is divided by the number of years the turf will be in place and the minimal amount of money and time required for upkeep.

Artificial Turf

Conserves water

An average grass in a large lawn field consumes approximately 25,000 gallons of water every week during the growing season. The only water that an artificial turf lawn requires is occasional rinsing to prevent smells and dust buildup. Or else, synthetic turf needs no water and is perfect for locations prone to severe drought.

Artificial Turf

Child and Pet-Friendly

Because artificial turf Maple Ridge does not grow or spread, it remains lovely and vibrant even when not fertilized regularly. The lawn will stay lush, green, and free of toxins. Harsh fertilizers can negatively influence the local ecosystem by generating algae bloom in streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Children and pets can play on synthetic turf without the danger of exposure to harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or other toxic chemicals necessary to maintain a natural grass lawn.

Artificial Grass

Make a safe haven for your favorite family pet. Pet-friendly artificial grass is long-lasting and keeps dirt and muck from getting on your pet’s paws. In the backyard, provide your children with an outdoor play area of artificial grass. Transform a screened-in porch into an indoor décor idea by installing imitation grass flooring. It’s a terrific way to bring the sensation of the outdoors inside. It also serves as a beautiful play space for the kids regardless of the weather.

commercial artificial turf

No Toxic Pesticides Used

It can be challenging to keep it under control to restore healthy green grass to the lawn. Pesticides and herbicides that are harmful to wildlife and humans can be discovered in treatments and concern both.

Excellent for Family Fun

It’s resistant to wear and tear and can endure high levels of foot traffic. Artificial Turf Maple Ridge is well-known for its high-quality materials suitable for recreational areas such as bocce ball courts, tennis courts, putting greens, and patios. Additionally, it is easy to cut and shape in your lawn, allowing it to be utilized in irregularly shaped regions or several patterns for different fun games at your family reunion. There’s no need to cancel, whether it’s spring, winter, fall, or summer, and you’ll be stress-free.

residential artificial turf

Grass Stains Eliminated

Artificial grass Maple Ridge is made entirely of superior PP and PE fibers, eliminating the need for grass-stained clothing. After a good kick around in the garden, those white clothing can remain white. Children can play as hard as they wish on artificial turf without incurring unattractive grass or mud stains on their clothing or shoes. Sliding across natural grass typically results in incredibly difficult-to-remove long green or brown streaks.

It Retains Its Beauty

In natural grass, excessive foot activity can cause trails, ruts, and bare places in lawns and gardens. Walking on artificial turf Maple Ridge doesn’t damage it because of its high resilience. There will be no problem with the turf bouncing back and staying upright as long as the filler is there. Also, artificial turf does not need direct sunshine to thrive. Due to its ability to retain its color and size even when exposed to shade and water, synthetic turf is ideal for shady areas.

It’s Easy To Set Up

In comparison to natural grass, artificial grass may be installed on virtually any surface, including concrete, tile, cement, and, of course, soil. 

While you may be able to conduct your synthetic turf installation, a professional will be able to accomplish it faster. Professional grass installers return your home or lawn to full operation in a short period rather than creating a construction zone. Nobody wants an unattractive, half-finished project hanging over their heads when they could be resting and enjoying their new turf instead.

Brayco Excavation can guarantee a flawless installation, giving you peace of mind and gladly assisting you at every stage.

Go live your best life this 2022! It is stress-free to work away from home or go on vacation, so switch it up to artificial turf! Working away from home can leave little time for domestic duties, let alone gardening. When left to their own devices, natural lawns may rapidly become a nuisance unless you can afford a dedicated gardener to look after your plants while away. An artificial lawn eliminates the problem.

Our Artificial Turf Maple Ridge at Brayco Excavation will definitely help you to eliminate these lengthy processes and boredom associated with grass upkeep tasks. We offer a genuine, high-quality, and long-lasting grass surface that is ideal for usage outside.

Reach us today about our artificial turf services in Maple Ridge, and let us assist you in locating what you are searching for. It’s time to make a better choice this year!

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