Ever since the Houston Astros started playing inside of their domed stadium in the seventies, sports fans have been intrigued by artificial turf, sometimes known as “Astro turf” because that was the first time many people had seen fake grass. 

Back then, there were complaints from players and fans alike as to the un-natural way the fake grass felt and acted, but it was a fine simulation for the time that solved the issue of no natural sunlight inside the stadium. For many, they’ve probably thought about how to install artificial turf on a soccer field. 

Why Use Artificial Turf On A Sports Field?

There have been significant improvements to the medium, mainly due to the fact that homeowners began to take an interest in it for their houses. Industrial applications are one thing, but when the public starts to vest an interest there is money to be made, and therefore improved products will be developed. Today’s artificial turf is nothing like the “Astro turf” of the past, and now is so realistic that many people cannot tell the difference.

So what are the benefits of Artificial Turf in Maple Ridge?

1. There is no maintenance necessary.

Artificial turf doesn’t need an irrigation system to keep it healthy, and because it is not growing grass. No weekly mowing or trimming either. Once it is installed, the maintenance that will need to be performed is simply sweeping or blowing debris and leaves off from it. You will be able to spend your time enjoying your grass instead of caring for it.

2. Color doesn’t fade.

Artificial turf does not discolor over time, nor does it get brown in times of heat or cold the way natural grass does. Living grass goes dormant in the winters in cooler areas, and generally dries out in the summer in warm areas. Artificial Turf in Maple Ridge stays green all the time.

3. Eco-Friendly.

Are you an environmentalist who is interested in reducing the amount of emissions that go into the air? Think about the fact that artificial turf needs no mowing, which literally reduces the emissions from lawn mowers that would be used to trim it every few weeks. Lawn mowers do not have emission standards the way cars do, so they pollute far more than you would expect. There are also no chemicals necessary to keep the grass healthy.

4. Cost.

If you are planning on replacing your sod, or changing your landscaping over to a different look, then you probably will want to compare the costs of installing Artificial Turf in Maple Ridge with that of installing desert landscaping or plants. Generally, artificial turf is cheaper, and can even be found in recycled formats that save even more.

5. Saves Money.

Over time, Artificial Turf in Maple Ridge is going to save you money over just about every other form of ground covering. No need for landscaping, mowing, maintenance or watering.

Landscaping Your Home

The first and perhaps most obvious tip for making the most out of your overall design for your hardscaping in Langley design is to create a focal point. In other words, you want to make sure that your yard has at least one or two visual elements that your eye is drawn to. This central feature, if you will, can include anything in the yard that is already there or added, such as a waterfall or pond. 

Doing so will not only fill your visitors with anticipation, but also increase the value of the property. Another tip for maximizing your hardscaping in Langley is to use a mixture of hardscape and softscape. Although you will want to make sure that you have both hardscape (i.e. pavements and brick patios) and softscape (i.e. trees and flowers), depending on your situation, you should keep in mind that the exact mix will also vary based on your unique situation. 

In other words, don’t expect to have equal parts of both, but rather some of both in order to balance out the overall look and feel of the scene you are trying to create. The third tip for maximizing your design for hardscaping in Langley is to create balance and symmetry with respect to color scheme inside and outside of the property. 

Proper Hardscaping By A Professional

Although you may be tempted to do so, you should make an effort not to abandon the link between the home or property and the yard. There should be a gradual transition, in which the color scheme is complimentary, not necessarily matched in both the home and the yard.
Whether or not you are enhancing your residence for you or for someone else to enjoy, it is always a good idea to make improvements to the exterior of the home with the right services for hardscaping in Langley.

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