Give yourself beach vibes at your pool area, where your crystal clear pool is surrounded by artificial turf. Undeniably it is a beautiful combination; however, many homeowners are still unaware of artificial turf. They consider growing natural grass near the pool rather than using artificial turf Coquitlam.

Firstly, natural grass and water moisture do not blend. Following the same, organic debris for grass can despoil the pool’s system. Moreover, the grass itself has pollen, allergens, dirt, and bacteria which blends into the pool’s water.

Use Artificial Turf in Coquitlam Rather than Natural Grass

In these situations, where natural grass can despoil pool, we suggest you use artificial turf Langley near the pool area. Pools in residential spaces with artificial turf are a better option than natural grass. We bring a precise list with valid reasons why a homeowner should use artificial turf to reduce your queries.

  1. Long-Lasting Grass

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf Langley does not lose its strands. Often natural grass can make the land barren and leave multiple spots, giving an incomplete look. Synthetic turf does not rot, fade, or break. They can withstand the moisture and exposure of pool water without losing their color and strands. Artificial turf can be used for several years without any replacement.

  1. Ease the Workload of Cutting and Mowing

Get rid of mowing and grass cutting work once you spread the carpet of artificial turf around your pool area. Homeowners usually give 1 to 2 hours on weekends to mow the lawn’s grass and keep it trimmed. It consumes time and energy, due to which many homeowners are unable to enjoy their week offs. However, artificial turf does not allow a homeowner to mow the lawn or cut the grass. Synthetic turf eliminates mowing and grass cutting work forever.

  1. Save Water

Be practical when it comes to saving water. Yes, you may already consume water in pools, but nowadays, a recycling or filtration system is installed. But grass cannot recycle the water itself. Likewise, cutting & mowing, watering the grass also requires effort and time. However, with your single, smart step, a homeowner will save water as artificial turf does not need water to sustain. Save water and conserve water bills.

  1. Lesser Bugs in Your Garden

Many homeowners are worried about the bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects which drive through natural grass. But with artificial turf, is not a feasible option because insects don’t stay on artificial grass. Also, no more worms will join you in the pool session because the soil will be covered with synthetic turf carpets.

  1. Withstand To Climate

Despite the weather, artificial turf Coquitlam can withstand any climate. Whether it is a rainy day or a sunny day, artificial turf does not get impacted by any weather, nor does it ruin your lawn. They are designed to withstand any climate and give the pool area a great appearance.

  1. No Mess, No Dirt

One of the artificial turf’s unique qualities is that there will be no mess in your home. While throwing pool parties, a higher probability of creating foot maps from garden mud is on the list. But it does not happen with artificial turf. Thus, there will be no mess and no dirt inside your home.

  1. Quick Cleaning

Many homeowners avoid the usage of a pool as much as they like to use it. Since cleaning time of a pool expands due to the dirt & mud of grass, which requires additional workforce or efforts to clean a pool. However, this rule does not apply to artificial turf. Slightly cleaning of a pool is necessary once a week.

  1. Improve Interior Appearance

The Interior of a home becomes appealing through artificial turf, which adds beauty around the pool area and gives you natural lake vibes. A homeowner can customize the turf as per the requirement, such as increasing the color saturation or contrast, strands’ size, turf’s width, etc.

  1. Safe To Walk On

Natural grass becomes an unstable surface when it is wet. One wrong step, and you will be covered in bruises, mud, scraped knees, etc. In contrast, artificial turf gives you the option of the safest walk, even when it is wet.

  1. Playful Material For Pets & Kids

Artificial turfs are softer than natural grass, due to which pets, kids, and adults love to play on its surface. Also, it is non-toxic, which absorbs water quickly and prevents falls on the surface.

Decorate Your Pool With Artificial Turf in Coquitlam and Langley

Design a pool surrounded by artificial turf Coquitlam that gives natural vibes. Several options are available to install it at your home. Either take the services of a professional or do it on your own.

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