In the long run, which is more expensive: artificial turf or natural lawn?

As synthetic turf grows more popular, homeowners ask if it is worth replacing their lawns. The problem derives from the significantly greater costs associated with establishing artificial grass instead of a seeded or sod lawn.

However, the initial installation cost is only a portion of the total cost: You must also factor in recurring maintenance and other long-term costs. Now let’s look at how much Artificial Turf Langley can cost—and how it can save you money!

Artificial Turf

Installation Costs

Artificial Turf– The installation of artificial turf Langley is a multi-step process. First, the area must be measured, and a design plan must be created. The natural grass will then be removed, and fillers will be added to ensure a smooth surface. Finally, the Turf is installed and handled to ensure that it is seamless and realistic—installation costs between $8 and $14 per square foot. Prices vary depending on the Turf you select and the amount of prep work required in the area where it will be installed.

Real Grass– Real grass is substantially less expensive to install, with prices ranging from.50 cents to a dollar per square foot. It will require watering upon installation and ongoing maintenance, as well as fertilization, mowing, and pruning.


Artificial Turfnot only replicates the sight and feel of grass, but it outperforms it – it’s green, soft, and doesn’t get uneven or overgrown. If you prefer something more unique or colorful, Artificial Turf Langley at Brayco Excavation has got you covered.

Maintenance Costs of Artificial Turf vs. Natural Lawn

As we’ve seen, installing artificial grass costs more than genuine grass. Installing both varieties of grass isn’t enough; we must also consider their long-term maintenance costs.

A natural grass lawn demands much attention. Weeding and fertilizing it prevents it from turning scraggly, yellow, or even dead. Watering grass in the summer takes roughly 0.623 gallons/ft2. A large lawn may cost several hundred dollars to water annually depending on the climate, season, and municipal water/sewer rates.

A lawn-care firm (or a neighbor kid) will charge you for mowing. These expenditures can add up, whether you buy your own fertilizer and spreader or hire a professional to do it for you every year.

You are cleaning up after your dog is the only active maintenance necessary with artificial grass. There are huge annual savings when you consider that you don’t have to water, mow, or fertilize a synthetic turf lawn. It requires around a gallon of water each week to clean it, compared to a natural grass’s annual water requirement of $250 for a 1000 sqft lawn.

When it comes to design, aesthetics, and total cost, Artificial Turf Langley is the finest choice. However, Turf isn’t just for lawns; it also makes excellent gym flooring putting greens, and is pet and child friendly. When you choose to install artificial Turf,

Brayco Excavation ensures that you are well taken care of. If you’d like to learn more or begin planning an artificial place immediately, contact our specialists or browse our products today.