The way you present your garden can have a great impact on your home’s overall view. Your choice on the kind of plants and their respective arrangements can add more than a touch of magnificence to your property. This is where our efficient hardscaping in Pitt Meadows can assist you in achieving this.

Just like how you see a person — its physical traits can somehow tell you a little part of who they are. The same holds true in your residence: what people can see outside your home somehow tells them what the qualities of the individuals living in the house are. It will tell them your taste for art and beauty.

Using statues can make it even more valuable and unique. This can be possible especially if you have a good eye on art, and can blend things together to create an eye-catching, thought-provoking garden theme.

Our experts can get to work on your ideas. Just tell us how you would want things to be and we will ensure that your preferences are appropriately done.

Garden statues and other art pieces provide the kind of artistic touch to any garden; and can beautify and give a unique style to a home. They also bring more value to your property especially when you have planned what to choose very well.

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Functionality doesn't always mean appearance has to suffer. Concrete, stone, and wood --- being the most common materials for construction of a retaining wall --- are known to accent a property, and can serve as a safe foundation for different kinds of unique landscaping opportunities that ordinarily would not present themselves.

That said, a drainage solution has to be planned in place for the soil above the wall. When the soil absorbs moisture from watering or rainfall, the stress on the retaining wall increases dramatically. The absence of proper water drainage can cause the wall to be more susceptible to sliding, tipping, or collapse, which can be a very costly and potentially dangerous situation.

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Hardscaping is one of the best landscaping ideas that many homeowners opt for. These are found in various shapes and designs, and may rely on the theme that you want. Aside from the plants, they are also visually appealing (patios, decks, fountains, among the many hardscape features) of course they can emphasize an area of your garden.

Pieces of art can be used for different applications. With hardscaping, you can choose which pieces look great in your garden. We can help you with the appropriate designs and themes that can leave a positive, lasting impact on your customers, thus helping your business in a way, aesthetically.

A retaining wall on your home can be built using a variety of materials, from concrete blocks and  stones to logs and wood planks and logs. The materials to be used and height of the wall are determined based on a number of conditions. Call us today to know more.

A wall can be constructed in a series of levels or steps, allowing a one-of-a-kind creative outlet for planting flowers and shrubs, and other decorative elements that will add depth and attractiveness. Stepped walls have also proven to be a more effective form of erosion control.

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