Winter brings with it a sense of dread for those who have meticulously maintained their gardens all year round. It’s mainly a concern for homeowners with a lush, green, natural lawn. Real grass is beautiful in the spring and summer, but it becomes tough to maintain as the weather cools down. For this reason, artificial turf Langley is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional lawns in both residential and commercial areas. Snow and rain can, however, be handled effectively by synthetic turf. It is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and looks full even in the winter.

artificial turf

Does snow damage artificial grass? Not at all! When the land is frozen, and winter is in full force, our team at Brayco says, “Let it snow, let it snow!” You don’t have to worry about synthetic turf being damaged by adverse weather because it is considerably more resilient than natural lawn grass.

Here are some facts you should know about artificial turf Langley in the winter to put your mind at ease.

Artificial Turf Does Not Freeze In The Cold

Temperature extremes may be withstood by artificial turf, whether it is hot or cold. Winters in most parts of Langley have more rain and less snow, humid air, and the most frigid temperatures are above zero. Your lawn will not freeze, therefore. Because it is devoid of water, synthetic grass does not freeze and crack. However, the moisture in the blades of living grass causes it to freeze and break when stepped on.

Artificial Turf Colors Will Not Fade

Many types of grass have brown spots, discoloration, and dried-up blades throughout the year. There could be various factors, including over or underwatering, heat, and pet waste. However, in the case of artificial turf Langley, severe snow or ice will not affect its quality. It is a drought-tolerant, UV- and corrosion-resistant, pet-friendly landscaping option. Although it may be scorching in summer or freezing in winter, the color will not fade.

Brayco’s synthetic lawns are made of high-quality, long-lasting, fade-proof materials that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. With our drainage systems, you can ensure that your grass blades look authentic in any weather situation.

Artificial Turf Snow Removal is Simple

Artificial grass has a better drainage system than natural grass, so the frost runs off more consistently. Most of the time, the snow you see in the morning is gone when you go home at night. A plastic snow shovel or a blow dryer can be used to clear snow off artificial grass in the winter if the temperature drops below freezing. You may also reheat your blankets and towels in the dryer and set them on the lawn to speed up the evaporation process. Preventative precautions can also be taken by covering the yard with a non-porous sheet or tarp when snow is forecast. You can effortlessly remove the snow gathered on top of the plastic sheeting and enjoy quality time on your outdoor lawn in the heart of winter.

To find out how synthetic grass stands up in the snow, contact Brayco Excavation now. Artificial turf Langley can be installed in various areas, including workplaces, homes, backyards, sports fields, and more. You can customize your landscape in whatever way you want. Transform your open spaces into low-maintenance gardens! Call us today at 604-868-3586 for a free consultation.